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Microfiction: Procrastination

Procrastination 100 word story: While she tries her best to stay focused, there are just too many things to be distracted by. She starts an essay but then finds herself on a new tab online shopping. Or her data analytics assignment will be due within a few hours, but there will be the more pressing matter of coordinating a time to hang out with friends. The other day, she wasted hours trying to find something cute to wear instead of working on her final project for her mythology class. But sometimes, time pressure can enhance one's work. At least, that's what she tells herself. Haiku: Haikus can be short They're great if you're too lazy See, this one was quick Author's Note: The final weeks of the semester are upon us which means that procrastinators, like myself, are feeling the overwhelming stress of having to catch up in most of their classes. I'm always so impressed (and a little angry) at people who have the ability to manage their time in a more efficient

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