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Link to my storybook project: The Mythology of Animal Crossing


  1. Hi Deepa,
    I love your description of Animal Crossing at the bottom of your introduction. You describe the game with detail and explain how it rose to popularity. I heard of the game back in the summer of 2020 but I never got around to trying it myself so I am looking forward to hearing your stories related to it! Also, the fairytale of Urashima Taro sounds incredible and I can relate to it because I too lose track of time while gaming. Are you going to incorporate reality into your stories similar to how you incorporate it in your introduction with GrubHub and the pandemic? I could see that being an interesting strategy. Maybe similar to that of Jumanji, Spy Kids 3, and Ready Player One. I suggest a similar theme where you could continue the story from your introduction, and pick up each story at different points in the pandemic, and also different parts in Animal Crossing. More or less like a dual-combined story. Meaning, two environments are telling one story. Love your idea, Deepa!

  2. Hi Deepa!
    I love the introduction to your storybook! While I have never played Animal Crossing myself, I spent many, many, many hours watching my boyfriend play it during quarantine. You did a great job describing Tom Nook and how addicting the game gets for people. I like that you had Tom Nook be a delivery driver. It is neat that you made the game also be in reality. Connecting Animal Crossing to Japanese mythology is a great idea. It is very easy to lose track of time when playing games, especially Animal Crossing since you are your own person on your own little island. I am excited to see what all you come up with for this story book and I will definitely be telling my boyfriend about your project idea because he will also find it so interesting. The only thing I would suggest for your website is to make your stories have a title instead of just saying "story 1".

  3. Deepa, your story idea is awesome and brightened up my day just like this game did for so many during the pandemic. I remember looking forward to it so much. I played it as soon as it released. Somehow along the way, the game as well as the Switch were taken over by my little sister. I probably played around twenty hours (much lower than I was expecting), while she probably played over 200. I am familiar with tanookis and kappas from Japanese mythology, so that's awesome you're basing your stories off of Japanese myths! The setup in your introduction story is perfect. I agree with Justin that it would be cool if you kept the dual story line going. I think that may be where you're already headed. Your idea is genius! Keep it up.

    How about your character in the story has to find a way to pay rent in real life but they can't come up with the money? You could mirror that with Tom Nook making you pay off your home, but there's no interest and date for when the debt has to be paid. Just an idea...

    1. Hi, Deepa. Your story idea is so cool that I'm back to see where it has gone. That's so cool you integrated music into each story. You have this whole thing down pat. Your Tom Nook story is crazy. I wonder if I'll use that backstory in my head in the future if I ever play another Animal Crossing. I thought it was cool how you use two different stories as inspiration for this one. Mimicking writing style and not just story content is next level!
      Okay, I guess Tom Nook really is just a bad dude. I thought maybe his laugh could be a sign of relief, but based on the next story that's not the case.

      I really like your use of images. I don't know if you played the 3DS version but because of the systems screen being so low resolution (and maybe because of the 3D), images taken from the game always looked terrible. Only on the native screen did they look polished. It's nice to see Animal Crossing screenshots that look so sharp.

      Keep it up, Deepa!

  4. Deepa,
    I am so so excited about your idea for the storybook. My parents got me a switch to distract me after I had knee surgery last summer, and distract me it did! You truly lose track of time and it was the best gift ever to distract from pain. I had no idea that some of the game is based on Japanese folklore! I am so excited to learn more about the game I love through your stories. I love that your site is set up so I can see where your stories are going to go. I am not familiar with Japanese folklore and can't wait to see how it was incorporated into the game. I also enjoyed that your introduction read like a story. Are you going to continue with the quarantine situation throughout your stories? I think that is a fun way to relate to your audience while telling the stories. Maybe your animals have to clean off all of the items they buy like we all did at the beginning of the pandemic? I can't wait to read your stories!

  5. Hi Deepa!

    This idea is so cute! I've just started playing Animal Crossing, so I'm interested in reading more about the mythology behind it! I like your website layout - it's so serene to look at (just like animal crossing). I'm excited to continue learning how to play animal crossing, and also read your storybook!

  6. Hi Deepa,

    Oh my gosh I am obsessed with your storybook project! This is just the cutest concept and I am so excited to see where you are going with it! I think it is so smart that you set it up the way you did! You related the concept of COVID-19 to your storybook and were able to make a relatable setup to the story even if some of the readers have not played animal crossing (yet). I absolutely love how the Tom Nook letter is in different font to the actual text of the story, allowing for a handwritten vibe to be understood. I love that you are connecting Nintendo and Animal Crossing to Japanese Mythology, that is so incredibly clever. I am so interested to see how you connect these stories to your introduction and whether you will use different characters or some of the villagers we all know and love.

  7. Hey Deepa,
    I just read the introduction to your storybook. The Animal Crossing theme has gotta be my favorite original idea I've seen so far. Every story (mine included) tends to revolve around some old tale or mythological characters from an old tale, but you have turned this around completely and based your story on a modern game that many people are probably very familiar with. I think this is awesome and it captivated my attention before I even began reading. And the connection to Japanese folklore, given that Nintendo is a Japanese game-maker, is a great choice.
    I played animal crossing a bit on my friend's switch, and I get how it's something that can suck you in for hours. I'm very interested to see where this goes. Will we see the main character sit on the couch eating chips and playing his new game for hours? Haha, I'm joking. I'm sure you'll make it much more exciting than that.

  8. Hi Deppa!
    When I was looking through all of the storybooks to comment on this week, I kind of did a little chuckle when I saw the title of yours, as it's not anything I would have ever though of to write about! I think it's SO cool and unique how you will be incorporating a modern-day video game into Japanese folklore tales and the connection that runs through them both. Your introduction was also really cool to me in a number of ways! The cliffhanger you left all of us on makes me so excited to come back and read your stories. Also the way you wrote the letter in a different font makes it stand out and seem like we've actually been given a hand written letter to read on our own! I loves the creativity and. concept as a whole – best of luck with the remainder of your storybook!

  9. Deepa!!! Your storybook is SO COOL! How clever oh my gosh! I read the stories you used as inspiration and I just love the way you've used those elements in your own version. I haven't played Animal Crossing, but I do love a good K.K. Slider song. It's so cool how the main character is given the choice to enter the world with a warning of the time difference. And the details of how the first few days of being in the game is going is just awesome. It definitely feels like I'm experiencing the game. When it said Tom was a tanuki I knew he was going to be trouble, LOL. I felt so bad for him though with his nephews, but the end of that story when there was faint laughter from the residential office was brilliant at suggesting that he himself might be tricking the main character!! Honestly, this is such a brilliant idea. Super awesome work!

  10. Hi Deepa! This storybook is by far one of the most creative I've seen! Honestly, as someone who hasn't played the game, I feel like I really got a sense of what it's like to lose time in this world as your narrator was warned in the beginning. Additionally, your intro was absolutely splendid! You've set up such a fantastical and whimsical world, but I really appreciate how you allowed the darkness to seep through in the first story. I never knew that there was 'debt' accrued in Animal Crossing! The integration between this fact and the Japanese folktales is a really clever move. I wish I had some constructive feedback, but really I'm just super blown away by the imagination at work here. I never would have thought of something so cool!

  11. Hi Deepa!
    I had previously commented on your wall about your project before any stories were written, so I came back because I am so in love with your topic!
    I read your story about Tom Nook. I do remember thinking the fishing was so hard at first but it quickly became easy and it was so fun to see all the different kinds of fish. The creators were so smart to make the species change with the seasons!
    I always thought that Tom Nook was literally making you do all the work and was basically offering nothing! It is interesting to learn that the Tanuki has the reputation of being a trickster. I usually try to offer a suggestion in my comments, but I can't think of anything that I would change. It is written so well and is an entertaining read.
    Expect more comments from me, I fully plan on reading every one of your stories!

  12. Hi Deepa! I have already commented on your story book before but I am back again! I had told my boyfriend about your project and he insisted that I update him on it lol. I just read your story about Tom Nook. I remember watching my bf catch fish for his museum and plant flowers, thinking that the game was just fun and games. Like you said in your story, it is not that at all. It shocked me that everyone in the game was in debt and you had to complete the island all on you own! You did a great job really capturing what the game is really like and I love that you add your own narrative to it. I am going to read the rest of the stories you have up because I like the way you tell your stories! I also like that you added music to the page, I have not seen anyone do that yet. Great work!

  13. Deepa,
    I've come back a few weeks later to check up on your Animal Crossing story as I loved the concept when I only read the introduction the first time. And I mean it as a great compliment when I say your execution of this story is even better than the neat intro you gave. As I first read about the Tanuki, your story about his motives seemed so genuine and flowed so smoothly I thought this might actually be a part of the game's storyline, haha! And when I found that you drew from various sources in the author's note, I was even more impressed by how seamlessly you did so. And the story of Redd was a great suspenseful build up to find out that we were getting played! What a great plot twist that I didn't see coming. I, for one, can't wait to find out how this story concludes.

  14. Wow! This is super awesome! As someone who has put way too many hours into Animal Crossing, seeing it in this class is a welcome surprise. I think you did an excellent job with the layout of the website. It really looks like it fits in the Animal Crossing aesthetic. Having the game footage pictures as the story progresses was a nice touch. You even included music accompaniments! Fantastic work, I really love it! I think you did a great job of integrating these tales of mythology into a video game with today's technologies. Having the tanukis be shapeshifters is kinda eerie and almost makes me a little suspicious of them on my island too. Having the big block of text when Tom dumps his exposition is a great way to show just how overwhelming it is for the protagonist. Just seeing it on the page is intimidating enough for me.

  15. Hey Deepa!
    First I just want to say I absolutely love the theme of your storybook! Just like many others, I bought the newest Animal Crossing in attempt to help with the cabin fever. While I never could get into the game itself, I still loved the vibe it gave off. I really liked the imaging that you included in your stories! Did you take those yourself? Anyways, this week we are commenting on paragraph layouts and you did a great job! The breaks in between the paragraphs makes the reading go so much smoother and they are all at the ideal transition points. I really liked how you made the letter from Tom in a different font. It gives it a more legitimate feel. I kinda did the same thing in my stories! Great job and I look forward to reading more from you!

  16. Hello Deepa,
    I have to begin by saying that as I was reading your introduction, I noticed myself grinning! Wow! I was so impressed with it! I love the theme of your storybook and the interactive component with the music. I don't have any sort of game playing devices, except for my phone. (I know, it sounds lame) However, after reading your stories, I am interested in this particular game. I might have to go and purchase everything I need. Your writing style is fun. You spent some time incorporating ideas from the game and the stories into your own. Everything was a smooth and easy read. Great transitions and breaks in your paragraphs. I am looking forward to the next story. Great job!


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